Discover places to ride like the wind

Cute & Cuddly Pony Hire

Pony rides and hire are available for any event, including big events and private parties. Sunbury-based pony parties offering sports fields, sheltered seating & tables, and more! We provide se...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Little Party Faces

We’ve been actively entertaining kids all over Melbourne for the last nine years! You can be sure that you’ll get a bubbly and enjoyable entertainment who genuinely enjoys what they do ...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Wattlecreek Riding School

Is your child ‘horse-mad’, have they been bugging you for a Pony – why not save yourself some dollars and have a ‘Pony Birthday Party’ at Wattle Creek instead. Our Pony Birthday Parties run for 2hr...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Pony Magic Perth

Kids may enjoy a wonderful equine experience at Pony Magic Perth. They not only enjoy a great pony ride, but they also learn about horse care. Before going for a trot, the youngsters will learn how...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Perth Horse Riding Centre

At Perth Horse Riding Centre, we are experts at making your kids happy by introducing them to our lovely horses. We offer a wide range of solutions to meet your needs. Birthday celebrations, horseb...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Fantasy Party Ponies

A family-run business called Fantasy Party Ponies serves the South West of Western Australia from its headquarters in Dunsborough. Our lovely ponies have been carefully chosen to work with kids; th...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Colourful Capers Face Painting And Pony Hire

The town has been served by the reputable family of performers known as Amberainbow Pony Rides for more than 26 years. The pioneer in bringing pony rides and face painting to your home, Colourful C...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Ponies Love Parties

At Ponies Love Parties, we strive to deliver pony rides with the highest levels of client satisfaction; we’ll go above and beyond to fulfill your needs. Ponies Love Parties places a high prio...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Rainbow Pony Parties

We are the biggest pony ride company in SA, offering expert services for your special event to numerous corporations and private events. As a family-run company established in South Australia, we h...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

National Equestrian Centre

The National Equestrian Center’s Poplar Corner Pony Rides provides options for pony rides and birthday parties. For a fantastic birthday party, we can arrange the location and ponies, but we ...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties, Riding Lessons

GHM Riding School

Only six kilometers from Beerwah, on the Sunshine Coast, the Glasshouse Mountains Riding School overlooks the Glasshouse Mountains. The coach who has been teaching for 16 years is named Belinda. Sh...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Paradise Country

Make your child’s fantasy of riding a pony come true with this lovely experience. This unique equine experience, which can be found at the Pony Arena, can brighten your child’s day. Tak...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Sunshine Coast Pony Parties

For pony rides at your event or your child’s birthday celebration, you can reserve our charming Shetland and Welsh horses. When they are out and about, all of our unicorn ponies love to dress...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Anstead Acres

Do you have trouble coming up with unique birthday ideas? Why not provide your equestrian-obsessed child with an unforgettable experience? a pony gathering! Two hours of on-property fun with our st...
Type of Riding: Horse Tours, Pony Parties, Trail Rides

Trevena Glen Farm

Do you want to create some memories and try something the kids will talk about for a very long time? Visit Trevena Glen Farm, the top farm activity destination in the area, which is only 40 minutes...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Magical Ponies

Lisa is really happy and proud of Magical Ponies. She enjoys showing off her furry buddies to kids all over the world. Pink is her favorite color. Therefore, a Magical Pony will be wearing a pink s...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

My Pony Party

Pony parties are fun for kids of all ages. Pony Parties can be planned at your house, our facility in Ebenezer, or any other authorized place. When you inquire, we might be able to recommend a venu...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Ponies For Parties

While the memories you make with Ponies for Parties will last a lifetime, your special day will come and go. Ponies for Parties has a team of adorable donkeys and ponies in a variety of sizes, bree...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Penny’s Ponies

Observing your child’s special birthday is a crucial element of their development. We particularly adore watching the excitement on children’s and families’ faces as they witness ...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Magical Pony Parties

We at Magical Party Ponies are dedicated to fulfilling fantasies. Let us come to you and perform our unique brand of magic to transform the commonplace into the spectacular! Our ponies are availabl...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Your Unforgettable Horse Riding Experience Awaits you!

Welcome to Horse Riding Now, your ultimate guide to discovering the most thrilling and picturesque horse riding experiences in Australia. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice looking to explore the wonders of the Australian landscape, our comprehensive directory has something for everyone.

About this Directory

1. Extensive Listings

We’ve curated an extensive list of horse riding businesses across Australia, by state and type of riding, ensuring you have access to the best and most diverse experiences the country has to offer.

Whether you’re in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, or beyond, our directory has you covered.

2. Detailed Descriptions

Our team worked hard to provide detailed descriptions of each horse riding experience, helping you make informed decisions based on your preferences. We’ve sourced the information you need to get you, family or friends galloping along (well maybe just a canter!).

3. How to Book

To book your horse riding adventure, simply search by state, region and the type of riding you’re looking for. Once you’ve read through the listings and decided on one or two listings for you, simply contact them direct.

Types of Horse Riding Experiences

1. Beach Rides

Feel the thrill of the wind in your hair as you canter along pristine beaches. Our directory features beach ride options for riders of all levels, offering a unique and invigorating experience.

2. Bush Trails

Immerse yourself in Australia’s iconic landscapes by exploring bush trails. From short rides for beginners to challenging trails for experienced riders, there’s a perfect bush adventure waiting for you.

3. Riding Lessons

This is the reason why we started this directory. When our daughter was 6, it was a challenge to find where in Sydney we could take her to learn how to ride her favourite animal. Let’s hope we’re able to help you!

4. Pony Parties

Transform your child’s celebration into a magical event with a pony party just like we did when our daughter turned 7! Witness how a very friendly pony will bring joy to children’s faces, offering a delightful and unforgettable experience for birthdays, events, and special occasions.

Ready to Plan Your Next Adventure?

Then jump to it and begin what will be an unforgettable horse riding journey in Australia by exploring our directory today. Whether you seek the thrill of cantering on a beach, the tranquility of a bush trail, or the majestic beauty of mountainous landscapes, Horse Riding Now is your go-to resource for the best horse riding experiences in Australia.

Saddle up and let the adventure begin!


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