5 Important Lessons Before taking Horse Riding Lessons

Before taking that long awaited horse riding lesson, learn that there are prerequisites that you should understand. Here are 5 Important Lessons Before taking Horse Riding Lessons.


  1. Know the different horse breeds

It is important to know the various horse breeds prior to starting your horse riding lessons. You also have to comprehend the difference between western and English horse riding styles. This will have an effect on how you ride your horse, some schools will only teach you one style. Understanding which one you prefer will help in choosing riding schools.

  1. Safety measures

A good horse riding lesson should incorporate information on safety measures as a part of their program. A lot of people quit after falling once or twice and this may not be the case with you if you understand the safety measures first. Although most of this information falls in the hands of your trainer, it is upon you to know your restrictions physically. This implies that you should not attempt something that you feel you can’t handle. Horses are taller and this can make sitting on the saddle unnerving at first. Ensure you listen to your trainer and remain within your physical abilities so that you can have the best possible experience.

  1. Contact the school

Prior to taking your horse riding programs, call or email the school which you will be attending to check if they have recommended reading material for you. You could also stop by to interact with your horse as this will foster a good animal-rider relationship. Getting to know what to wear, how to behave around your horse as well as safety instructions to be taken will nicely prepare you before mounting the horse.

  1. It’s natural to feel trepidation and fear

You should remember that getting on a saddle for the first time may make you feel trepidation and fear. This is normal and natural. However, horses are able to sense this, therefore it is vital to try to loosen up and relax. This is one of the reasons why having prior knowledge is important since it eliminates the surprise element of riding your horse.

  1. Know how to signal your horse

You have to know how to communicate with your horse rather than pulling the reins alone. Use your body weight to talk to your horse. Horses react well to shifting your body weight, therefore you can simply use the body and legs to give direction to your horse. For instance, to halt, lean back to the saddle, lower your legs and deeply sit as you pull on the rein gently.


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