About Us

Hello and Welcome to Horse Riding Now 😊

This site has been in the making for 10 longgg years. It was born out of frustration when we went searching for a riding school in Sydney for our then 6 year old daughter (now 16) and again, when we searched for a riding school on the Sunshine Coast in 2016.

We thought if we experienced this challenge, maybe others out there in the horse world were experiencing the same challenge πŸ˜…

So we slowly built this Australian online resource expanding from only riding lessons into trail rides, beach rides, pony parties, horse tours and holiday camps across Australia with a vision to help other horse lovers discover where to ride.

We’ve learnt many, many, many things from our 10 years in the horse industry (and we’re still learning!) so anything that we think is of value, we will pop into our new Blog section so be sure to trot over and take a look (more Blogs will be cantering in soon). Yes, the use of the words trot and cantering is intentional!

This site is not perfect (you should’ve seen it a year ago!) but we’re working on it continually to ensure a positive user experience.


If there’s anything you think can help us improve it, please feel free to drop us a line viaΒ email, we’d love to hear from you.


So saddle up and enjoy the ride 🐎