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Brisbane is endowed with scenic mountains, lush rainforests, expansive green fields and wine farms as well as long stretching sandy beaches. This provides numerous opportunities for horse riding. If you are experienced enough in matters horse riding, you can literally take your ride to any part of Melbourne at any time.

Horse Riding Brisbane for Adults

Adult horse riding services within Brisbane are mostly offered by a number of centers, located both within the city and on the outskirts. These centers mainly specialize in providing horse riding lessons, dressage training and horse riding tours. Whether you are a beginner who’s hoping to advance his/her horse riding and control skills or a seasoned rider who’s out to enjoy some scenic trail rides, you can always find solace in the center that are well distributed within the area.

Pony Ride Lessons and Tours

Horse riding Brisbane isn’t just about adults. There are equestrian centers and schools that offer comprehensive pony ride lessons, pony riding tours and school holiday horse riding camps for children. With such programs, Brisbane-based kids can learn various horse riding techniques and even advance their skills on how to control and manage ponies.

About The Cost of Horse Riding Brisbane for Lessons and Tours

Taking horse riding lessons or tours in Brisbane, or anywhere for that matter, costs money. However, the amount of money one can spend on horse riding lessons largely depends on the learner’s abilities or level of experience, the package one choose to go for and the amount of time spent in the training.

A one hour private horse riding lesson (with a qualified instructor) may cost between $90 to $130 while a single group lesson would cost one about $60 or so. If you are learning horse riding from scratch, then you might be required to part with $120 or more for a 90 minutes session that includes a lesson, trail ride and horsemanship class.

On the other hand, the actual horse riding Brisbane doesn’t really cost much. A typical 1.5 to 2 hours trail ride can cost between $45 and $50 while pony rides for children up to 10 years costs an average of $75 per hour. These figures may vary from one center to another.

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