How to Take Care of Your Horse?

Any animal when domesticated requires a great degree of care, and a horse is no different. This care takes place at different levels, right from regulating diets to training it to perform, and its grooming. A significant amount time is spent by several owners in trying to perfect aspects such as practicing, training, and the presentation of the equestrian. The purpose of training can be varied, one of them being for horse riding Adelaide. Aspects of horse care

Regular cleaning:
a) Ensure that you have high quality brushes and ensure that they are clean.
b) Fungal infections can be prevented if each horse has its own set of brushes.
c) Brushing the horse more means distributing natural sebum over its hair, which is a good thing.
d) Brush the hair in the direction of hair growth.
e) Take extra caution while brushing if horses are ticklish in certain areas.
f) A hoof polish with a lanolin base is immensely helpful in keep the horse’s hooves in good condition.
g) Grooming mittens are perfect for wiping dust from the horse’s coat and applying bug spray.

Body clipping
a) Remember to wash your horse before its body clip.
b) A clean and sharp blade must be used in all cases.
c) If the body clip is to be done for a show, ensure that this is done at least two weeks in advance.
d) Upon completion of the body clip, give the horse another bath.

Washing the horse
a) Make use of a washing sponge to absorb more water
b) Shampoo can be used to watch the equestrian completely.
c) While looking to get this shampoo off the horse, make sure you spray water in the right direction so as to not to get shampoo into its eyes.
d) In case of there being horse riding lessons Adelaide on a slightly cold day, be sure to put a cooler on the animal.
e) While washing, always remember to wash between the hind legs and the tail.

The last touch
a) Oil on a horse’s face should always be used sparingly.
b) White chalk, baby powder or cornstarch is good enough to cover any possible new spots.
c) Nail holes in the hoof can be filled with a filler which matches its hoof colour.
d) Brush the horse’s mane after exercising him.
e) A sparkline shine can be imparted through the application of a body sheen.
f) Last minute stains can be eliminated by rubbing with a little amount of alcohol.

With the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to make your horse look like a million bucks every time.


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