Keep your horse healthy in the summer

The summer heat in many countries of the world can take their toll on animals such as horses, and the situation gets worse in the case of tropical countries. When temperatures cross 100 degrees, most animals tend to get very restless, and horses are no exceptions. This blog will provide you with several tips on maintaining the equestrian’s health in summer. You can learn more while taking the horse riding lessons in Canberra.

  1. Ensure provision of shade- The horse needs to get relief from solar rays, in the form of shade. A well designed shed would be great for the animal. Trees can be convenient at certain times of the day, but when the sun moves, so will the shade.
  2. Give mist to the horse- It is always good to have a misting system in place. This would be able to take away the equestrian’s heat over the day. Frequent misting are better than a single misting.
  3. Water is very important- The horse must have constant access to fresh
    water during the entire summer. In case of hot weather, horses will have massive capacities for water, so be sure to top the buckets all day. Scrubbing the buckets regularly will prevent algal growth.
  4. Clip long hair coats- A long and thick coat will generate a lot of heat and prevent the animal from cooling down. Clipping the coat can be useful, and is mandatory for animals with PPID (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction), or Cushing’s disease.
  5. Know and understand signs of heat stroke- You must know that a heat
    stroke can take its toll on the horse in any situation, especially when
    exposed to high heat for a long duration. In the event that the horse
    exercises in very hot conditions, or even while standing still, a heat stroke can occur.

Other than water itself, generous doses of salt and electrolytes are also important for the health of your animal. If possible, you can give soft bedding to the horse, as the ground would be hot in many places. Deep wooden shavings in a shady and cool spot would surely help the animal.


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