Type of Riding

Cute & Cuddly Pony Hire

Pony rides and hire are available for any event, including big events and private parties. Sunbury-based pony parties offering sports fields, sheltered seating & tables, and more! We provide se...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Little Party Faces

We’ve been actively entertaining kids all over Melbourne for the last nine years! You can be sure that you’ll get a bubbly and enjoyable entertainment who genuinely enjoys what they do ...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

Animals On The Move

Tiff and Amber have lived on farms and in rural locations their entire lives. Her love for animals has evolved over the years from caring for and raising pets to horseback riding and competition. H...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties


Privately held company Shetlands for All Occasions has been in operation for more than 25 years. Located in Melbourne, Victoria’s Park Orchards. We are adaptable to any circumstance. Pony rid...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties


Is it any wonder that Balloonaversal pony parties are so in demand? At our pony parties, your children will get more than just a fast pony ride. Our goal is to assist parents like you in making che...
Type of Riding: Pony Parties

BroadHangar Equestrian

In Melbourne’s North, Broadhangar Equestrian Park is a prominent training and boarding facility. We offer services at all levels only 30 minutes from the CBD in Kalkallo. We provide both priv...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons

High Field Equestrian Centre

A specialized training and boarding facility for horses, Highfield Equestrian Centre offers round-the-clock expert care. Highfield serves primarily as a competitive training facility, but we also d...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons

Equestrian Victoria

Incorporated in 1985, the Equestrian Federation of Australia (Victorian Branch) Inc. was founded in 1951 and is now known as Equestrian Victoria Inc. The governing body for horse sports in Victoria...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons

Unicorn Valley Equestrian Centre

With only a tiny property and a few horses (Eden, Chocko, LeeRoy, Sunny, and Sam), Andrea Hegmann founded Unicorn Valley in 1998. Andrea started off teaching just five kids, but as her students gre...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons

Blink Bonnie Equestrian Centre

A horse riding school offering private lessons, on-property horse leases, and the young horse program is called Blinkbonnie Equestrian Centre (BEC). We also proudly own the performing horse Linbil ...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons

Melbourne has a longstanding history of horse riding. And it is suffice to say that this sport forms a larger part of the city’s culture. Horse riding Melbourne is such a huge affair that it’s so easy to grab a horse and hit the trail anywhere within the city and/or its surrounding areas. Whether
you are a beginner or seasoned rider, you’ll always find horse riding centers offering services that will make you feel right at home.

The Area’s Dramatic Scenery Makes Horse Riding Adventures Epic

Melbourne is endowed with perfect landscapes and natural beauty that makes horse riding both exciting and breathtaking. From the dense eucalyptus forests to the rolling green hills all through to snow-capped mountains and expansive green fields, everything about the area is just adorable. And what better way can there be to explore the wide spreading beauty of the region and experience the native wildlife than taking a horse ride?

You Can Take Your Horse Riding Experience Anywhere You Like

One of the things that make horse riding Melbourne the best is that you can take your adventure to any place. Whether you would want to trot across the tranquil valleys, canter on the deserted beaches, ride along the scenic trails or take a pleasure ride along the rolling fields, you can enjoy an experience like no other here.

And if you happen to be a beginner in the game, there are several horse riding centers with experienced instructors that can help you learn how to ride or advance your horse riding skills. Most horse riding Melbourne centers offer riding and coaching packages to people of all ages, so you can always feel free to bring along kids when going out for some horse riding activities.