Things You’ll Learn While Riding On the Trails

Trails can be of different lengths, some of them running into several days as well. Trail riding is carried out on roads not used by vehicular traffic, which includes forest paths, bridle routes and more. Horse trail riding Adelaide teaches you a number of rules about trail riding, including riding etiquette. Incidentally, most of these rules are simply based on common sense. One must be aware of the land over which the ride is taking place- it may either be private or public. In case of private land, permissions would be required, but it is wrong to assume that you will always be riding on public land. In fact, on many of the large ranches, lands are not always clearly earmarked.

When you make contact, the owner may point you towards a different pasture. Simply because you will be returning in the later part of the day during one of your horse trail rides Melbourne, do not deliberately keep a gate open. The gates must be left exactly how you found them. For example, if cattle are grazing over the area you crossed, there is a chance that the cows might just stray on to a different pasture and pose problems for their owners. But in case you are passing through an area and the gate is open, it may be difficult to say whether it was left open by mistake (cyclist, rider or off-road vehicle user) or deliberately. Here it pays to be aware of specific use of the land in question, and this is something that your instructors would know.

While choosing a place for rest, it would be best to select an area that leaves the least impact on the environment. A site with durable soil, as an example, is a better bet than an area that provides the most scenic view. If it is a short break, you are advised to hold the horse instead of tying it to a tree. Irrespective of whether you are in an open space or a known trail, scatter any possible manure piles before leaving.


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