Tips To Care Your Horse in Winter

While taking care of your horse, you will need to look at variety of angles and parameters. Certain rules are commonly known by most, such as not walking behind the horse, and feeding it a treat with outstretched fingers. Most of the rules for feeding are major ones, which would be taught to you during horse riding lessons Adelaide.

Rules to be followed while feeding

  • Grass grazing in the cold- In the event of extreme cold in winter, grazing on the pasture must always be supplemented with hay. However, horses must be allowed to graze freely on lush and thick grass, and hay can be left out completely. Over time, you should manage to create the best balance among hay, grain and pasture.
  • Accurate measure of feed- Your favorite animal’s feed is commonly measured with the help of a kitchen scale, or even at the local feed store. Once you are aware of the real weight, ensure that it is collected with the help of a coffee can, a scoop, or anything similar. On an average, a 1000-pound horse would consume 15-20 pounds of hay per
  • Feed grains regularly and in small quantities – A horse will be able to perform best if it consumes several small meals in a day, in place of a few large meals. The frequent small meals will let the animal digest the food better and make good use of it. However, it is important to know that the needs of every horse are different, and this depends on size and amount of work done after consumption.
  • Roughage is very important- A number of horses can survive perfectly well without grain, but good quality hay is absolutely essential. In case hay, which is recognized as roughage is inadequate, grains can be added to it, but the animal should get maximum calories from the same. 1-2% of the horse’s weight needs to be in the form of roughage on a daily basis.

Taking good care of your horse is taught in detail during horse riding lessons Adelaide. If you do so, the animal is likely to reward you in numerous ways.


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