Tips To Exercise Your Horse

A horse will be healthy and happy if it is able to get its daily dose of exercises. The horse’s owner will have to ensure that the exercises are done regularly, to maintain a good weight. During horse riding Adelaide, the owner can teach all the different exercise methods to the horse, plus spend some time building rapport.

Different ways of exercising your horse:

1) A saddle pad should first be put on the animal, and then a saddle. The horse should also be strapped with a bridle. All equipment should be fastened securely, but it should not make the animal uncomfortable.

2) Warm up by taking the equestrian on a ten minute walk, where it leisurely crosses an indoor riding ring or an outdoor trail. The horse may even be led by its lead rope while you walk beside it. A number of left and right turns will enable the animal to stretch its neck.

3) After the slow walk, it’s time for a ten minute trot. This can be on a trail or indoor area different from the above. Once again, the horse will stretch its muscles and warm them up over circles and figure eights.

4) You can make use of a lunge line to lead the warm up. This is the name given to a long reign, which can be utilized to walk, trot or canter the horse. It should be done in both directions for ten to fifteen minutes.

5) The horse’s stamina can be built up with the help of hill training. Find hills which are not too high or too sloped. This should be done only after the animal has fully warmed up.

Now, exercise can only be done when a proper diet is in place. What’s most interesting is that the animal’s nutritional requirements constantly vary with the weather. By keeping it well fed throughout the year, the animal will be always fit for horse riding Adelaide. In fact, you will find some of the best breeds of horses in Australia.

The popular ones amongst these include:
–  Arabians
–  Quarter Horses
–  Warm bloods
–  Many pony breeds.

Best nutrition helps achieve the best goals.

Only the best nutrition can help horses achieve top performance goals. Interestingly, the animal’s feed and the manner of feeding differs from one country to another. As an example, horses in Australia get to graze on grass for roughly the whole year, and they are not kept in stables for this very reason. Lucerne (alfalfa) is a very popular form of hay for horses.

Unfortunately, it is not deemed suitable for certain performance horses due to high protein content. Horses get a large quantity of chopped hay in their diet.


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