Tips To Keep Our Horse Healthy In Winter

Animals are our friends, and just like we take care of our friends throughout the year, we need to do the same with animals as well. As temperatures start to drop, it is important to prepare for these eventualities, especially with respect to horses. Horse riding lessons Canberra will be able to train you on taking care of your beloved horses.
While using your horse for horse riding Canberra this chilly season, be sure to keep a check for the following:

a) Shelter- Many horses live outside the entire year, and they could certainly do with some care. Natural shelter and trees may be adequate during summers, but they do not help in the cold season. Horses need to get appropriate rugging from waterproof turnout rugs. They must have access to field shelters close by as well.

b) Regular exercises- Horse riding Canberra may seem very difficult during the cold, especially with the winds all around. However, the truth is that this helps keep the horse fit and strong throughout the year, and more so when it is trained to work the rest of the year. You can make it easier for the animal by smearing the undersides of its hooves with Vaseline, preventing it from falling in the snow. Of course, horse riding Canberra in an indoor arena would be most suitable.

c) Water- Frozen taps are common annoyances on most yards. What’s worse, frozen water has the tendency to develop Colics, and if horses do not get adequate water for their guts, it can result in impaction Colic. You can solve this problem by carrying a thermos full of hot water and add it to the horse’s water buckets to reduce the chills.

d) Mud fever- Also called Equine Pastern Dermatitis, Mud fever presents difficult challenges to horse owners. This is the name given to a known skin condition in these animals, caused due to wet muddy conditions. It causes scabs and cracks near the heels and backs of these animals, and can even extend to the entire lower limb. One has to look for ways to keep the skin dry during winter. If disinfectants are used on the animal, they must be washed and dried quickly.


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