Trail riding is a non-competitive form of horse riding that usually takes place on the outdoor, particularly on the trails, forest roads and bridle paths. It is usually a friendly and relaxed kind of sport that can be enjoyed by both young and old as well as beginners (guided) and seasoned riders. And in Australia, horse trail rides are becoming increasingly popular because more and more people are yearning to explore the country’s amazing destinations and sceneries on a horseback.


Why Should You Take A Horse Trail Ride?

Going for horse trail riding for a day or two can be both exciting and memorable. And the fact that Australia is endowed with diverse landscapes makes the whole thing even more rewarding. You can choose to ride your horse along the breezy beaches, through the lush green bushlands, over the scenic valleys and/or through the rugged and sometimes snowy or mist-shrouded mountains. Horse trail riding basically takes you on undeniably breathtaking adventures as you get up-close with nature.

Is Horseback Trail Riding Expensive?

Horse trail riding in Australia is by no means an expensive affair. But the rates might vary from one horse trail ride to another based on the number of days the tour will take, the areas or landscapes ventured into, the types of horse used and other benefits that come with the tour package.


The level of horse riding experience also matters big time as beginners on trail rides will require more attention and supervision compared to their seasoned counterparts. Though you can go on a solo horse trail riding adventure, if you are really that experienced, group riding tours usually tend to be more fun and engaging as well as cheaper.

In a nutshell, some horse riding tours in Australia can be expensive and others cheaper. But considering the company and the experiences you’ll enjoy as you canter across the beach, trot through the scenic landscapes or take slow rides over the tranquil rolling green fields, the question of cost becomes fairly insignificant.

Tips to Consider before Hitting the Trail as a Rider (any level of experience):

-Always think and treat your horse as a friend

-Be a leader who can keep the horse safe and give it direction as required

-Always reward your horse by gently rubbing them and saying kind words to them

-Lastly, just relax and have fun when out riding