Horse/Rider Coaching

Horse riding is never an easy affair, especially for those who are starting out. But with great coaching one can learn how to handle the horse, use the horse equipment properly and hone their skills as they move along. Even the thoroughly seasoned rider you see today must have started
somewhere. So it’s necessary to appreciate the importance of horse/rider coaching lessons offered by various Australian equestrian centers.

So, what’s horse/rider coaching all about?

Horse/rider coaching can basically mean two things: training a horse for various rides and/or training a rider how to ride and control the horse. All these involve highly-trained and certified coaches and may be done for purposes of competitive or non-competitive horse riding. Riders of all ages and abilities are always welcome to enjoy both basic and advanced horse riding training.

Horse coaching and rider coaching are intertwined as they both involve a horse and a rider (or instructor for that matter). But we are going to heavily focus on rider training.

Things to Expect In a Typical Horse Riding Training Class

Horse riding encompasses a lot of things, from saddling to getting the right position all through to learning horse behavior and making certain maneuvers while on the horseback to achieve certain results. But both novice and slightly schooled horse riders are welcome for the training or coaching.

Here are some of the topics covered in horse/rider coaching:

-How to care for horses

-Horse equipment

-Horse breeds and colors

-Mounting and dismounting the horse

-How to adjust equipment

-Sensory perception of horses

-Safety around horses

-How to ride and control the horse in the walk, jog and trotas well as canter position

Where Does The Coaching Take Place?

Well, horse training is usually done in various equestrian centers in Australia. Theoretical classes may be taught in classrooms while practical lessons (which form the bigger part of the training) are mostly done on the centers’ ranches, paddocks, bush trails and/or bridle paths.