Horse Riding Hunter Valley

Type of Riding

Camp Cobark

Camp Cobark is a refuge for nature lovers has been built by Allen and Dianne Shultz 40 kilometers west of Gloucester. offering camping with conveniences in a rural atmosphere. You may accomplish th...
Type of Riding: Holiday Camps, Trail Rides

Willow’s Leap

Willow’s Leap is an equestrian training center that provides lessons and horse education. It is tucked away in the lovely Wollombi Valley at the southern end of the NSW Hunter Valley. Along w...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons, Trail Rides

Hawkesbury Valley Equestrian Centre

HawkesBury Valley Equestrian is a horse riding centre that’s located in Yarramundi, right at the foothill of Blue Mountains. The family owned and operated facility offers comprehensive horse riding...
Type of Riding: Holiday Camps, Riding Lessons

Scone Equestrian

Scone Equestrian is located in the picturesque region of Upper Hunter Valley. We provide training in general horse riding and equestrian vaulting to riders of all ages and skill levels. Our equestr...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons, Trail Rides

Endeavour Park Equestrian Centre

Improving the riding experience and understanding our horses is our priority here at Endeavor Park. We have much love for our horses and our hospitality attracts many riders. We cover various ages,...
Type of Riding: Holiday Camps, Riding Lessons, Trail Rides

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is one of the few centres that offer horse agistment and horse riding services in Sydney, Australia. Located in Ourimbah state forest just 20 minutes from Hornsby and 1 hour north of ...
Type of Riding: Holiday Camps, Riding Lessons, Trail Rides

Golden Park

Located in Seaham, half an hour from Newcastle CBD, Golden Park is a 5-star agistment and horse riding centre. Our centre offers a fun, safe and friendly environment for horse riders and agisters. ...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons

The Convent Hunter Valley Holdings Pty Ltd

The Convent Hunter Valley is strategically located in Pokolbin, Hunter Valley. Set in the gorgeous Vineyard Country, The Convent Hunter Valley is a wonderful place to explore the scenic vineyards o...
Type of Riding: Trail Rides

Glenworth Valley Horse Riding Pty Ltd

Are you looking to experience the beauty of Glenworth Valley on a horseback? Come to Glenworth Valley Horse Riding. Glenworth Valley is an award-winning destination that offers memorable horse ride...
Type of Riding: Trail Rides

Views Equestrian

If you are an equestrian enthusiast, Views Equestrian is the place where you find quality service at an affordable price. Started in early 2010, Views Equestrian is located in the gorgeous Hunter V...
Type of Riding: Riding Lessons

Hunter Valley Horse Riding Overview For Beginners

Nestled among Australia’s top travel destinations, Hunter Valley is a treasure trove of vineyards, gourmet dining, and captivating scenery. Encircled by verdant hills and sprawling vineyards, it’s a region where the richness of wine is rivaled only by the beauty of its rivers that weave through the landscape. Yet, there’s more to this idyllic location than initially meets the eye. Among its plethora of activities, Hunter Valley horse riding emerges as a distinctive and thrilling experience.

For both seasoned riders and beginners alike, the excitement of traversing this place on horseback is unparalleled. The steady rhythm of the horse beneath you, the whispering wind in your hair, and the sweeping vistas of the valley revealing themselves at each turn combine to create an unforgettable journey.

The Unique Appeal of Horse Riding in Hunter Valley

The awe-inspiring landscape is what truly distinguishes horse riding in Hunter Valley. Picture yourself ambling along scenic trails, with vineyards reaching out to the horizon, kangaroos bounding in the distance, and the grandeur of the Blue Mountains serving as a stunning backdrop. It’s more than just a ride; it’s an expedition into the heart of nature, an opportunity to bond with the land and absorb its raw beauty in the most genuine way.

Hunter Valley horse riding offers a diverse array of experiences. There is something for every type of rider. Trail rides take you through varying landscapes, from tranquil forest trails to vast beaches. Horse riding lessons are an option for those wishing to refine their skills or embark on a new pastime. For children, pony parties provide a delightful and engaging first encounter with these noble animals. And for those desiring a deep dive into the world of equestrian, horse camps and tours offer an immersive experience.

A unique feature of horse riding in Hunter Valley is the perspective it affords. Aboard a horse, you can venture into parts of the valley that might otherwise be challenging to access. It invites you to explore at your own pace, immersing in the sights, sounds, and aromas of the valley in a way that no other form of transportation allows.

Highlighted Horse Riding Businesses in Hunter Valley

In the heart of Hunter Valley, several outstanding equestrian businesses cater to horse riding enthusiasts and adventurers. Each offers unique experiences that allow riders to fully immerse themselves in the region’s beauty.

Camp Cobark: Known for its breathtaking location, Camp Cobark offers a variety of horse riding experiences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, their guided trail rides through the stunning Barrington Tops wilderness are not to be missed.

Willow’s Leap: This equestrian centre provides a range of horse-related activities. From tranquil trail rides to comprehensive riding lessons, Willow’s Leap caters to both the casual rider and the aspiring equestrian. Their picturesque trails offer magnificent views of the valley.

Hawkesbury Valley Equestrian Centre: Offering a range of horse riding lessons, Hawkesbury Valley Equestrian Centre focuses on developing confident and competent riders. Their team of experienced instructors ensures a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

Scone Equestrian: Located in the horse capital of Australia, Scone Equestrian offers immersive horse tours that showcase the region’s rich equine heritage. Their guided tours provide a unique insight into the world of thoroughbred racing.

Endeavour Park Equestrian Centre: Endeavour Park specialises in horse riding lessons for all ages and abilities. They also offer fun-filled pony parties, making them a perfect choice for a child’s birthday celebration.

Hidden Valley: For those seeking an adventurous riding experience, Hidden Valley offers thrilling beach rides. Gallop along the sandy shores while soaking up the sun and surf.

These businesses are just a few examples of the diverse horse riding services available in Hunter Valley. Each one provides a unique perspective on the valley, allowing riders to explore its beauty in an exciting and memorable way.


Horse riding in Hunter Valley offers an unforgettable journey through one of Australia’s most picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re trotting along scenic trails, galloping along sandy beaches, or taking a leisurely carriage ride through the vineyards, you’ll find that there’s no better way to explore the region than on horseback.

Each offers unique experiences catered to all types of riders. So saddle up and get ready to explore Hunter Valley in a whole new way!