Horse Tours

Horse ride tours provide tremendous opportunities for riders to have fun as they explore Australia’s splendid beauty. From the charming countryside to the snowy mountains all through to the scenic beaches and World Heritage wilderness, there are countless of places one venture into on a horseback. And there’s even more to holiday horse riding tours than just saddling up and hitting the trails. So, here is what you can expect on the Australian horse riding scene:

Types of Horse Ride Tours

There are as many types of horse tours in Australia as the horses themselves. But here are the main ones:

Trail Horse Tours

A typical trail horse tour may involve riding through the bushlands, across the beautiful sandy beaches, through the tranquil valleys mapped with rivers or over the breathtaking high country in the foothills of various mountains. These types of tours are usually relaxing and may last for 2 to 3 hours or even a day or more.

Overnight Camp out Horse Tours

Overnight campout rides involve horse riding tours to nature-inspired bushes, mountains, rivers and /or beaches. Usually riders will pitch tents in these areas or get lodge accommodation as well as enjoy well-lit bonfires and tasty meals. This tour package can provide a unique experience to you, especially if you love camp outs.

Sunrise, Sunset and Moonlight Rides

This type of horse tour allows riders to experience the glorious sunrise or sunset over the beach on a horseback and enjoy star gazing or viewing the ever-charming full moon from the bushlands or mountains. If you are looking for a relaxing and/or therapeutic horse riding experience, this could just be a perfect choice for you.

Are These Horse Tours Only For Adults?

No, these tours allow people of all ages, including children above 10 years, who have sufficient horse riding experience to participate. In fact, most horse riding centers offer amazing school holiday family fun tours that may involve all members of the nuclear or extended family. So this type of horse riding tours are always fun because you can tour Australia on a horseback together with those you hold dear.

How Much Does A Typical Horse Tour Cost?

Well, that entirely depends on the package of horse ride tour you decide to go for. But the amount of time the tour lasts and the things that come along with it like accommodation, foods and/or drinks may really influence the cost. Regardless of the cost you pay or package you choose to go for, taking a horse riding tour to the woods, fields or beach is always as exciting as it is rewarding.